Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Efficient Mixing & Aeration in One Portable Unit

The MARS™ Lagoon Aerator cut its teeth in Municipal Wastewater Treatment over a decade ago. With both mixing and aeration incorporated into one portable aerator, the MARS can be successfully utilized in: 

  • Wastewater aeration lagoons
  • Wastewater aeration tanks
  • Flow equalization basins
  • Reclaimed water storage reservoirs
  • And much more.

Let us put our 30+ years of wastewater engineering experience to work for you!

MARS Aeration: Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Portable Mixing & Aeration

Mixing and Aeration – The MARS Aeration System provides wastewater mixing and aeration in one portable aerator. Utilizing fine bubble diffusers for oxygen transfer and coarse bubble technology for mixing, the MARS achieves the most efficient aeration in the industry.

Portability – Due to its unique portability, MARS Aerators are simple to install. Each self-weighted unit is connected to an on-shore air supply via flexible weighted tubing and lowered into the water. As a result, maintenance is equally as simple. Any maintenance to the aerator can be completed from the surface without incurring system downtime.

MARS Aeration and Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Some of the main benefits of utilizing MARS Aeration at your municipal wastewater facility are:

  • Increase lagoon DO (dissolved oxygen)
  • Decrease lagoon BOD (biochemical oxygen demand)
  • Treat lagoon TSS (total suspended solids)
  • Break down lagoon sludge, and prevent new sludge from collecting
  • Reduce overall lagoon maintenance
  • Greatly improve aeration system energy savings

Experience & Service

Triplepoint Core Value #4 is Good Data, Good Decisions. This is why we look to combine 30+ years of municipal wastewater treatment design, construction, and operation experience with good hard data from your wastewater treatment facility. This combination allows us to ensure that your project will be designed in just the right way to meet your goals.