Industrial Wastewater Aeration

Versatile, Robust & Efficient Aeration

Industrial Wastewater Aeration requires both mixing and oxygen transfer along with a robust aerator design that can withstand the abrasive treatment environment. The rugged construction and composition of the MARS™ Aeration System, along with its portable design, ensures that your system will stand the test of time.

Portable & Versatile Aeration System

Because the MARS is a portable aeration diffuser, it’s available precisely when and where you need it. The MARS Aerator has been previously installed in aeration tanks, lagoons, and equalization basins.

Efficient Mixing & Aeration

Each MARS Aerator is equipped with fine and coarse bubble diffusers for efficient mixing and aeration. With this type of versatile aeration system, you can eliminate the need for any mechanical mixers. The MARS Aeration System will assure that your effluent will not only be treated to the level you expect, but it will cost you less in energy.

Emergency Wastewater Aeration

Due to the portable nature of the MARS Aeration System, it can be installed on short notice. For example, if you have an aging aeration system in need of an upgrade, or need emergency aeration to solve a temporary problem, the MARS can be deployed quickly and effectively. In the past we have installed the MARS system on short notice to help facilities improve dangerous effluent levels and avoid fines.

30 Years of Experience at Your Service

Triplepoint has a team of applications engineers on staff who can understand your facility and develop a solution within a matter of hours. Rest assured knowing that the experts will be with you every step of the way, from problem diagnosis through installation and operation of the system.

MARS Aeration and Industrial Wastewater Lagoons

Some of the main benefits of utilizing MARS Aeration in your industrial wastewater treatment lagoon are:

  • Increased lagoon DO (dissolved oxygen)
  • Declining lagoon BOD (biochemical oxygen demand)
  • Improved treatment of lagoon TSS (total suspended solids)
  • Short notice emergency aeration and simplified lagoon treatment repair
  • Aeration system energy savings
  • Overall reduction in lagoon maintenance