Lagoon Aeration Rental

Lagoon aeration rental solves lagoons issues fast, to:

  • Reduce BOD/TSS effluent
  • Eliminate odors
  • Break up floating sludge
  • Reduce sludge blanket
  • Meet a temporary treatment need
  • Reduce algae growth
  • Replace broken aerators

Fast & Turnkey

Triplepoint’s rental lagoon aeration systems can be onsite within one week, complete with turnkey installation of aerators into the lagoon so you can be aerating in no time.

Wastewater Process Expertise

We’ve got extensive wastewater process expertise on staff to help you determine exactly what you need and to support you along the way.

Our rental aeration systems include

  • Lagoon aeration equipment
  • Air header piping and installation
  • Skidded blower with VFD/controls
  • One wiring point for blower power and controls
  • Installation service and startup
  • Operation & Maintenance training

Lagoon Aeration Rental purchase credit

Triplepoint will credit 25% of the first six months of rental towards a future system purchase.

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