Mobile NitrOx™ Emergency Lagoon Ammonia Removal

emergency lagoon ammonia removalFor temporary installations or locations where construction is not feasible, Triplepoint offers a turnkey mobile version of its proven NitrOx™ Lagoon Ammonia Removal technology.

NitrOx leverages an existing lagoon system and ensures controlled results, even in cold weather. The Mobile NitrOx is simply driven onsite and connected sidestream between the secondary and polishing cells. Influent from the secondary cell–up to 150,000 gallons per day–is pumped into the 20,000 gallon capacity tanks, where high surface area media are mixed and aerated to foster nitrifying bacteria that remove ammonia. Sensors and a digital controller optimize temperature; an insulated cover retains heat. Available DO control, VFD, and online monitoring ensure results and minimize energy consumption. To ease financial burden, Mobile NitrOx can be rented as needed or leased to own. With Mobile NitrOx, a lagoon ammonia removal solution can be onsite and operating within 60 days.

The Mobile NitrOx can also be configured to treat BOD, achieving soluble BOD in effluent to nondetectable levels.

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