Wastewater Lagoon Screening: Benefits of Adding Headworks

Wastewater lagoon screening has become far more prevalent due to the popularity of so-called “flushable” wipes and the headaches they create for lagoon operators. In this episode of LDIB-TV, Patrick Hill discusses the problems ragging can cause and the benefits of adding screening to your facility. Watch the video and read below for highlights.

Wastewater treatment facilities have been plagued by “flushable” wipes and lagoon systems are no exception. Although lagoons are better equipped to store solids, the presence of wipes and other nonbiodegradable materials in the waste stream causes a number of headaches. Ragging can

  • clog aerators, which reduces treatment and causes a maintenance demand.
  • contribute to sludge buildup. Wipes don’t break down readily and thus accumulate at the bottom of the lagoon. This accumulation reduces capacity and leads to shorter sludge removal cycles and more sludge to remove.
  • increase aeration costs. Wipes trap BOD, increasing oxygen demand.

Benefits of Wastewater Lagoon Screening

Adding headworks with coarse screening provides a number of benefits. Screening:

  • protects aerators by preventing ragging
  • slows sludge buildup, reducing the frequency and costs of solids removal
  • improves plant performance
  • improves BOD effluent
  • eases maintenance and brings maintenance from the water to the shore
  • pays for itself over its lifecycle

While there are many different types of screens used in wastewater facilities, some are better suited for lagoon facilities. In an upcoming blog, we’ll review the different screen technologies, offer our recommendations, and demonstrate the cost savings that adding wastewater lagoon screening can provide. For a deeper dive into the benefits of adding screening to your lagoon, join us for our next webinar!

Join us on Tuesday, March 17 at 1 pm CST for our next free lagoon webinar, which is all about lagoon screening. Learn how adding coarse lagoon screening can prevent ragging, reduce sludge accumulation, and improve treatment. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance that may be used for CEU/PDH credit. Register now!

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2 Responses to Wastewater Lagoon Screening: Benefits of Adding Headworks

  1. Rob Wall says:

    You could add that the rags and other inorganic refuse items will limit the beneficial reuse of the sludge when it is eventually removed. I think that’s a key one in Canada with the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation in BC and similar regulations elsewhere. Not sure if there would be any regulations that encourage beneficial reuse of biosolids in the US, so I guess it may not be relevant there.

  2. Patrick Hill says:

    Good point! Thanks for commenting!

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