Wastewater Lagoon Ammonia Removal Whitepaper

Wastewater Lagoon Ammonia Removal Whitepaper

Lagoon Ammonia RemovalThis Wastewater Lagoon Ammonia Removal Whitepaper will give you an understanding of the lagoon nitrification process, as well as the current approaches to removing ammonia-nitrogen in aerated lagoon-based wastewater treatment systems that experience cold water temperatures in winter.

As the EPA has begun introducing lagoon ammonia limits on wastewater treatment lagoons over the last 5 years, there has become a need for wastewater lagoon  facilities to upgrade their existing treatment systems in order to achieve new permit requirements. This whitepaper seeks to:

  1. Provide background behind the Ammonia-Nitrogen limits
  2. Explain the science behind Lagoon Nitrification
  3. Examine the factors which affect Lagoon Nitrification
  4. Evaluate several alternative approaches to Lagoon Ammonia-Nitrogen Removal

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