Upcoming Lagoon Webinars

upcoming lagoon webinars

In his popular workshops, Steve Harris shares all the techniques and strategies he’s learned over decades as one of America’s foremost lagoon consultants. In this webinar series, he’ll teach you—right at your desktop— how to get more years of dependable service from your lagoon: more BOD reduction, better TSS removal, odor control, sludge reduction, and nutrient removal.

Steve’s training sessions are very highly regarded: 99% of workshop attendees have rated his content and presentation as outstanding or very good, and 100% would recommend him.

Earn up to 6 Continuing Education Hours

Each two-hour webinar is eligible for up to 2 hours of wastewater continuing education credit (0.2 CEUs, depending on state requirements) and is likely eligible for PDH credit in all 50 states. These webinars are preapproved for wastewater CEUs in a number of states: California (1.5 CEUs), Colorado (0.15), Idaho (0.15), Indiana (0.15), Iowa (0.2), Louisiana (0.1), Maine (0.1), Michigan (0.2), Missouri (0.2), Ohio (1.5), and Tennessee (1.5); and are likely approved in states that do not preapprove CEUs, including Alabama and South Carolina. Other states are pending. (If you have questions about CEU eligibility, please contact us.)

Lagoon Troubleshooting and
Optimization: Sludge

Thursday, June 25, 1:00–3:00 pm CST

upcoming lagoon webinars

Review the problems accumulated sludge can cause in a lagoon system. Attendees will learn how to determine the volume and mass of sludge through proper sludge judging and core sampling techniques, including the important things to consider before sludge judging and how to prepare for the procedure. Attendees will also learn how to minimize sludge accumulation in a lagoon and the signs it’s time to remove sludge.

  • Problems accumulated sludge creates
  • Ten signs it’s time to remove sludge
  • Fifteen things that affect the rate of sludge accumulation
  • Typical sludge removal rates
  • Formula for determining sludge volume and mass
  • How to get free sludge removal

Cost: $20
Up to 2 continuing education hours (0.2 CEUs)
Preapproved in California (1.5 CEUs), Colorado (0.15), Idaho (0.15), Indiana (0.15), Iowa (0.2), Louisiana (0.1), Maine (0.1), Michigan (0.2), Missouri (0.2), Ohio (1.5), Tennessee (1.5), and Wyoming (2)
; (more approvals pending).

About the instructor

upcoming lagoon webinars

Steve Harris is the President and Owner of H&S Environmental, Mesa, AZ. Since February 1993, Steve has worked with wastewater operators across the United States and in many different parts of the world to identify and troubleshoot wastewater lagoon problems, optimize lagoon performance, and assist wastewater lagoon systems in removing sludge. H&S Environmental, LLC provides in-field and desktop evaluations of lagoon system performance to get lagoon systems in compliance and functioning at optimum treatment efficiencies. “Our goal is to get the most out of the lagoon system the community or industry is currently using.”

Steve also provides CEU training for operators in California, Missouri, Montana, Illinois, Idaho, Texas, Alaska, New Mexico, Indiana, Arizona, Washington, Kansas, Maine, North Dakota, Wyoming, Michigan, Tribal groups, the I.H.S., and many operator associations and private industries across the country. Steve has compiled years of the best operational experience and problem-solving techniques into a book he has written, titled Wastewater Lagoon Troubleshooting, an Operator’s Guide to Solving Problems and Optimizing Wastewater Lagoon Systems (Available through USA BlueBook).

Steve is a frequent contributor of articles to wastewater trade publications and trains wastewater operators across the country in aerobic digester optimization as well as wastewater lagoon optimization, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Steve’s articles have appeared in Industrial Water World, Environmental Science and Engineering, Water and Wastewater Products, Water Engineering Management, and Illinois Currents by the Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators, to name just a few.