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LRAS™ Advanced Lagoon Treatment Expands Capacity: A Case Study

Lagoons are a popular method of wastewater treatment for smaller municipalities—they are energy-efficient, easy to operate, and low maintenance. However, when a lagoon system reaches capacity or underperforms, sometimes the immediate reaction is to replace it with a mechanical plant, … Continue reading

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What color is your wastewater lagoon?

What water and algae colors reveal about your wastewater lagoon’s health Although regular and accurate sampling is critical for wastewater lagoon operators, you can tell a lot about a lagoon’s health and the quality of treatment you’re getting with a … Continue reading

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Wastewater Lagoon Algae Control in the Summer

The dog days of summer have arrived in dramatic fashion. The heat wave of the past few weeks spanned nearly the entire country. This weather can not only have adverse affects on our comfort, perspiration, and electric bills, it can … Continue reading

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