Six Reasons to See Triplepoint At WEFTEC

WEFTEC-triplepoint-2959WEFTEC, the Water Environment Federation’s annual conference, is coming up fast—September 27–October 1, 2014, at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you and showing you what we’ve been up to. We’ll be debuting a few innovative new products, featuring the NitrOx™ Process for cost-effective lagoon ammonia removal, as well as some other lagoon treatment enhancement technologies.

Triplepoint: Your Complete Lagoon Solution Provider

Our mission is to be your complete lagoon solution provider. To that end, we’ve combined our 30 years of expertise in lagoon-based wastewater treatment with what we’ve gathered from the field to develop new products to address your particular challenges.

Six Reasons to See Us at WEFTEC

  1. NitrOx™: The new ammonia effluent limits enacted in some states are a burden to many municipalities. Let us show you how Triplepoint’s NitrOx Process can ensure lagoon ammonia removal, regardless of the cold temperatures. NitrOx was designed to integrate into an existing lagoon system for the purpose of lagoon ammonia removal, minimizing capital expenditures and treatment disruption. We’d love to share with you the data from our successful pilot in Iowa to demonstrate how NitrOx can be the solution to these new ammonia limits.
    NitrOx Lagoon Ammonia Removal

    The NitrOx™ Lagoon Ammonia Removal Process is designed to nitrify regardless of the weather.

    Not going to WEFTEC? Learn more about NitrOx Lagoon Ammonia Removal here.

  2. LRAS: One lagoon operator described it as “putting your lagoon on steroids.” The lagoon enhancing LRAS Process will allow you to get better treatment out of your existing lagoon.
  3. MARS: See a demo model of our MARS Aerator up close to experience the effectiveness of MARS’ Double Bubble technology, which combines the turbulent mixing power of coarse bubble aeration with the superior oxygenation of fine bubble aeration.
  4. New technologies: We have a couple more new tricks up our sleeve, like BioCage modular media for an in-lagoon treatment boost.
  5. Swag: What is a trade show without free swag? Stop by for a hat and a pen!
  6. Video wall: Our new booth design incorporates a dynamic video wall. Besides highlighting Triplepoint’s products and services, it looks really cool.

WEFTEC Booth #2959

Our technical sales team is looking forward to meeting you and hearing about the issues that concern and challenge you with your lagoon system. Let us put our 30 years of lagoon engineering experience to work for you.

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