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old dogs new tricks

Activated Sludge-Lagoon Hybrid Saves Millions for Rural Town

Old Dog, New Tricks
Triplepoint’s MARS Aeration System is featured in Water & Wastes Digest | Feb 2014

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“We’ve always had great luck with lagoons…we just put this lagoon on steroids.”

Coopersville is a small community in western Michigan that is home to approximately 5,000 residents. As a rural town, 25 years prior it had invested in a lagoon-based wastewater treatment system sized to handle the BOD influent of its residents (250mg/L). Lagoons were chosen because of their low overhead requirements, ease of maintenance, and relatively simple and flexible operation. It was the perfect solution for a town that has become well versed in budget constraints. In 2011, a new dairy facility made plans to enter the Coopersville community and planned to send all of its waste through the Coopersville municipal system—this meant that they needed to cost-effectively upgrade their treatment facility to handle the new BOD loading.

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