Most Popular Videos of 2019 from Triplepoint’s Lagoon YouTube Channels

Our previous blog highlights our most popular wastewater lagoon topics of 2019. Here you’ll find last year’s Top 10 most-viewed videos from our lagoon YouTube channels. Our TriplepointWater channel features case studies and product information. On our Lagoons Do It Better channel you’ll find educational videos and webinars on topics of interest to lagoon operators and engineers, plus interviews with industry experts. Subscribe to both and you’ll be first to know when we post something new!

Why Lagoons Do It Better

Conventional wisdom says that wastewater lagoons must be replaced with mechanical plants to meet limits for nutrients like ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and we’re here to tell you that’s not so! Lagoons provide reliable, cost-effective, low maintenance wastewater treatment, and should be reinvented, not replaced.

Lagoon Aeration System Design: Calculations and Common Pitfalls

To ensure wastewater treatment objectives are met, a lagoon aeration system design must be customized for its specific application. In this video, Patrick Hill outlines the facility details we use to calculate aeration requirements and customize a lagoon aeration system design. He also reviews the common pitfalls and often-overlooked factors that can result in insufficient treatment.

LDIB TV: Lagoon Aeration 101

Lagoons Do It Better TV tackles the basics of wastewater lagoon aeration, comparing lagoon surface aerators, fine and coarse bubble diffused aeration, and Triplepoint’s MARS lagoon aerator.

Lagoon Lemna: Pros and Cons of Duckweed in a Wastewater Pond

Lagoon Lemna, or common duckweed, grows rapidly and thrives in lagoons due to the presence of nutrients. This video outlines the pros and cons of duckweed and presents methods for controlling and removing it.

Removing Lagoon Ammonia: 6 Key Factors for Nitrification

New EPA rules have mandated that wastewater lagoons remove ammonia. Learn the six key factors—oxygen, BOD, pH, temperature, mixing, and biomass—that contribute to lagoon nitrification.

Triplepoint’s NitrOx® Lagoon MBBR: A Video Case Study

This video case study highlights a small Missouri municipality’s upgrade with a NitrOx lagoon MBBR to cost-effectively meet their new low ammonia limits year round. NitrOx enabled them to maintain their facultative lagoon system’s ease of operation.

Lagoon Microbiology: Meet Your Bugs

An hour-long webinar on lagoon microbiology and the workhorses of biological wastewater treatment, including heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria.

Advantages of Industrial Lagoons for Wastewater Treatment

Industrial lagoons offer cost-effective, sustainable wastewater treatment. In this video, Triplepoint’s Julie Hartwig shares her experience working with industrial wastewater facilities to highlight the huge advantages lagoons can provide, such as storage volume, dilution, and long holding times.

Webinar: In-Situ Sludge Reduction in Lagoons

This free webinar discusses methods of reducing lagoon sludge in place to mitigate the need for expensive and disruptive dredging. It covers the problems excess sludge accumulation can cause; how to measure sludge and calculate sludge volume; low-tech methods of in-situ sludge reduction; bioaugmentation; and how aeration and mixing can put in-situ sludge reduction on steroids while improving energy efficiency.

Pacific Missouri 360° Virtual Reality Case Study

Pacific, Missouri, upgraded its 2.1 MGD aerated lagoon system with Triplepoint’s MARS aeration, which combines coarse bubble mixing and efficient fine bubble oxygen transfer in a single, portable unit. This video case study was shot with a 360° camera—watch with VR goggles for an immersive experience, or simply use your finger or mouse to rotate the view.

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