Most-Viewed Lagoon Videos of 2018 from Triplepoint’s You Tube Channels

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Our previous blog highlights our most popular wastewater lagoon topics of 2018. Here you’ll find last year’s Top 10 most-viewed lagoon videos from our YouTube channels. Our TriplepointWater channel features case studies and product information. On our Lagoons Do It Better channel you’ll find educational videos and webinars on topics of interest to lagoon operators and engineers, plus interviews with industry experts. Subscribe to both and you’ll be first to know when we post something new!

Why Lagoons Do It Better

Conventional wisdom says that wastewater lagoons must be replaced with mechanical plants to meet limits for nutrients like ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and we’re here to tell you that’s not so! Lagoons provide reliable, cost-effective, low maintenance wastewater treatment, and should be reinvented, not replaced.

LDIB TV: Lagoon Aeration 101

Lagoons Do It Better TV tackles wastewater lagoon aeration, comparing lagoon surface aerators, fine and coarse bubble diffused aeration, and Triplepoint’s MARS lagoon aerator.

Removing Lagoon Ammonia: 6 Key Factors for Nitrification

New EPA rules have mandated that wastewater lagoons remove ammonia. Learn the six key factors—oxygen, BOD, pH, temperature, mixing, and biomass—that contribute to lagoon nitrification.

Webinar: Fundamentals of Lagoon Aeration

This 90 minute webinar covers the fundamentals of lagoon aeration, including design factors, how to calculate aeration requirements based on field conditions, and a comparison of aeration technologies.

Lagoon Sludge: Impacts on Ammonia and BOD Treatment

Lagoon sludge is a normal part of lagoon wastewater treatment, and it’s usually not a problem until it is allowed to build up in excess. In this episode of Lagoons Do It Better TV, learn what causes sludge and how lagoon sludge can impact treatment by releasing ammonia and BOD back into the water column.

Lagoon Ammonia Removal: Hillcrest WWTF

Triplepoint’s NitrOx® Lagoon Ammonia Removal Process was chosen as the most affordable treatment option for the Hillcrest Manor lagoon system in Missouri. The upgraded system now produces an average effluent BOD/TSS in the single digits and ammonia concentrations averaging 0.3 mg/L in summer and 1.5 mg/L in winter.

Wastewater Lagoon Mixing Case Study

The Lakewood Wastewater Authority handles municipal and egg processing industrial wastewater for the Village of Lake Odessa, Michigan. The existing surface aspirators at the Lake Odessa facility were not able to keep the wastewater lagoon properly mixed.  After a 12 unit MARS pilot test that resulted in the breakup of the sludge mat within the first hour of operation, Lake Odessa decided to install a full MARS system. The system has been in operation since 2013 and currently maintains a DO of 2–4 mg/L with no odors or sludge at the surface of the lagoon.

Replacing Fine Bubble Lagoon Aeration: A Video Case Study

Fine bubble aeration in the City of Ponchatoula, Louisiana’s wastewater lagoon treatment cells could not keep solids in suspension, leading to sludge buildup, insufficient dissolved oxygen, and effluent violations. The fine bubble system was replaced with Triplepoint’s MARS aeration to create a robust partial mix environment and improve oxygen transfer at a higher energy efficiency.

Replacing Coarse Bubble Aeration: A Video Lagoon Case Study

The City of Tulelake, California, replaced an inefficient lagoon coarse bubble aeration system with Triplepoint’s MARS aerators, which provide better oxygen transfer at a higher energy efficiency. Lagoon effluent meets Title 22 regulatory requirements for agricultural reuse.

Wastewater Lagoon Videos

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