MARS™ Aeration Product Line

Wastewater Aerators that Fit Any Application

The MARS™ Aeration Product Line is designed for versatility and portability, making it ideal for wastewater facility retrofits.

MARS Aeration is frequently used to upgrade wastewater treatment plants with some of the following problems:

  • Clogged fine bubble diffusers
  • Inefficient coarse bubble aerators
  • Broken down surface aerators

The durable construction, fast and simple installation, efficient operation, and minimal maintenance costs of the MARS Aeration System make it an attractive option both from a monetary and treatment perspective. These factors, coupled with its superior oxygenation and mixing performance, make the MARS Aerator the preferred choice for efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

MARS Aeration Product Line

The MARS Aeration Product line incorporates models designed for any aeration application.

Optimize your Wastewater Treatment Experience

The MARS Aeration System includes a broad range of product models and options. Triplepoint’s engineering team designs systems that are customized to meet your facility’s unique requirements, while also targeting the fastest possible project payback period. This payback period often falls within 12–36 months.

Wastewater Aerators Designed for Reliability

All products are manufactured in the USA from the finest industrial-grade materials. These aeration systems have proven resilient in the harshest municipal and industrial wastewater environments. The MARS even excels in cold-weather operation, as all equipment is installed below the surface of the water. Whether it’s the compact, rugged frame, stainless steel fittings, lack of moving parts, or the anti-fouling diffusers, every component has been selected and tested to provide many years of worry-free operation.

An Energy Efficient Aeration System

Extensive independent testing has proven that the MARS Aerator has a best-in-industry Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE). The MARS is 50–60% more energy efficient than high-speed surface aerators, and 40–50% more efficient than coarse bubble diffusers. Energy efficiency is further enhanced by the patented Double-Bubble Technology, which allows custom optimization of each system’s fine bubble (oxygenation) and coarse bubble (mixing) demands.