LRAS™ Advanced Lagoon Treatment

Triplepoint’s LRAS Advanced Lagoon Treatment increases capacity and treatment within existing lagoon infrastructure.


Triplepoint’s innovative LRAS process brings the power of activated sludge to lagoon systems.

LRAS Advanced Lagoon Treatment is an innovative Activated Sludge/Lagoon hybrid process designed to retrofit existing lagoons so they can increase treatment capacity while minimizing capital and operational costs and complexity.

The LRAS Advanced Lagoon Treatment Process can increase your treatment capacity in terms of both flow and influent loadings by as much as 1000% while utilizing your existing lagoons. This helps to keep construction costs low while also ensuring that mechanical equipment is kept to a minimum. Like a typical lagoon system, there is no need to have a large crew of operators or a large maintenance budget to operate the system; it is simple and forgiving. Moreover, with the MARS Aeration system at the heart of the process, you can be assured of efficient aeration and mixing along with ease of operation.



The LRAS Principle:

Advanced lagoon treatment can occur with the proper conditions. The purpose of the LRAS is to facilitate the growth of a super-concentrated biological floc that can consume organic content within the wastewater at a fast rate. With faster treatment, flow and waste loading can increase while utilizing the existing lagoon infrastructure.

Efficient Mixing & Aeration

Each aerated cell is equipped with the MARS Aeration system, which is designed to both efficiently aerate and mix. Due to its portable design, the MARS can be easily installed and maintained from the surface. Moreover, given a high airflow per unit and mixing capacity, you need fewer aeration diffusers— making the system easier to maintain.

Maximized Biological Floc

A Circular Clarifier or Dissolved Air Flotation system is utilized to separate the water from the solids. This both removes BOD/TSS in preparation for discharge, but also super-concentrates the organic waste with the bacteria, creating a Mixed Liquor which is then pumped into the aeration cell for treatment. The rate at which the solids accumulate depends on the amount of polymer used, allowing the operator to control the bacterial concentration.

Forgiving Operation

Due to the volume of the lagoon and long sludge age, an LRAS Advanced Lagoon Treatment system can easily handle slugs in loading and peak flow events. As a result, you do not need a large crew of operators or to be on call 24/7— the LRAS is able to absorb the shock and continue to meet your discharge requirements.

For more information about the LRAS process, or any of our innovative wastewater lagoon technologies, contact us.

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