Introducing the Ares Aerator™: Lagoon Aeration, Optimized

Our Ares Lagoon Aerator is more than an evolution of our industry-leading MARS­™ Aerator…it represents a fundamental redesign and reengineering of the technology.

Like MARS, Ares combines mixing and aeration in one portable unit, but has been vastly improved.

ares aerator

How Ares provides superior lagoon aeration

  1. Mixing: Coarse bubbles are released at the bottom of the static tube, creating a draft that pulls water and liquefied organic matter up from the basin floor and through the unit. This highly agitated water column thoroughly mixes and circulates the entire wastewater tank or lagoon and prevents solids from settling as sludge.
  2. Aeration: Fine bubble diffusers surround the static tube, maximizing oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE) while minimizing energy consumption. Enhanced by the coarse bubble mixing, the fine bubble oxygenation provides the ideal environment for biological treatment.
  3. Cost-effective installation: Self-weighted portable units drop in from the surface. No need to take the lagoon off-line.
  4. Ease of maintenance: Air is supplied by a central onshore blower, so there are no moving parts in the water. Individual units can be retrieved via the stainless steel tether.
ares aerator

Optimized for your application

ares aerator

Our in-house engineering team will design a system to meet your facility’s treatment requirements. Ares can be specified for diffuser size, diffuser material, and ratio of aeration to mixing.

ares aerator

Benefits of Ares Aerator for lagoons

  • Mixes and aerates
  • Modular and scalable
  • Leverages existing blower
  • Installs without downtime

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