AeroHub™ Efficient Wastewater Lagoon Aeration

Triplepoint’s AeroHub provides efficient fine bubble aeration without mixing

The AeroHub Fine Bubble Lagoon Aerator Series is designed to be an efficient, robust, and cost-effective lagoon aeration solution. The fine bubble diffusers provide industry-leading oxygen transfer efficiency with EPDM, silicone, or polyurethane diffuser membranes. The patented central hub design provides the necessary strength for multiple maintenance cycles in addition to providing a portable platform for easy installation and maintenance.

AeroHub is ideal for applications that require efficient aeration but not mixing, for example

  • in shallower applications of six feet of depth or less
  • to avoid disturbing settled solids at the bottom of the lagoon
  • when more points of energy distribution are desirable, to spread oxygen through the basin

Designed for peak efficiency, AeroHubs are positioned so that their areas of influence don’t overlap to keep the fine bubbles from coalescing into larger bubbles.

aerohubAeroHub has two different configurations, allowing it to be installed in multiple air distribution scenarios: Air can either be delivered via individual air lines coming from shore to allow for maximum operational flexibility of each individual unit; or via a fixed or floating lateral piping system coming from the blower point. This gives the user maximum flexibility when deploying an AeroHub—allowing the oxygen to be placed where it is needed in a lagoon. In addition, with multiple models of the AeroHub, with four, six, or eight diffusers, there is an AeroHub model to retrofit virtually any lagoon facility.

AeroHub Lagoon Aerator Features:

  1. Robust monobody design: Each aerator is precision machined out of single block of PVC, so there are no points of weakness like seams or welds that can crack or leak.
  2. High efficiency, self-cleaning EPDM membranes: EPDM membranes provide a high Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (OTE). The membranes are also designed to be self-cleaning, lowering the risk of fouling that can lead to diminished oxygen transfer over time. AeroHub can also be specified with silicone or polyurethane diffuser membranes.
  3. Fouling preventive design: The unique design of the AeroHub positions the fine bubble diffusers 9” above the bottom sediments to avoid the clogging and fouling that have plagued conventional fine bubble aerators.
  4. Anti-clogging self-checked diffusers: AeroHub’s fine bubble diffusers are specially designed with anti-clogging technology with positive backflow sealing, which prevents the backflow of water and debris into the unit and unnecessary maintenance.
  5. Flexible weighted tubing: Each AeroHub is connected to the air header via flexible weighted tubing or plumbed directly as per the application requirements.


AeroHubs are weighted on site, which makes them easier to handle and less expensive to ship. Like our MARS aerator, AeroHubs simply drop in from the surface—no need to take the lagoon off line.

For more information about the AeroHub or any of our lagoon technologies, contact us.