Lagoon Nitrogen Removal: The NitrOx+D Process

Designed to work within existing infrastructure, Triplepoint’s NitrOx+D™ Process is a lagoon ammonia-nitrogen removal system that can cost effectively remove Total Inorganic Nitrogen from lagoon effluents down to levels of less than 1 mg/L at any water temperature. All of this can be accomplished in a robust, low maintenance, and easy to operate system that can be installed at just 2/3 the cost of existing nitrification options.

The benefits of Triplepoint’s NitrOx+D™ Lagoon Nitrogen Removal Process are:

  1. Removes lagoon Total Inorganic Nitrogen to as low as 1 mg/L
  2. Maintains treatment in cold water temperatures
  3. Cost-effectively retrofits existing lagoons
  4. Low maintenance, low operating cost
  5. Robust design that will last as long as your lagoon

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